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L. O. ends their run

Linux Outlaws has recorded their last episode #370 Dan Lynch and Fabian A. Scherschel have been around for ever I can still remember Dan as a .net developer and Fab as a student. sixgunlogoLinux Outlaws was famous for their news coverage and their irreverent attitude to most everything.

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Get your binge listening zombie fix

Well it appears to be done and ready for some severe binge listening. “We’re Alive – A story of survival” is a serialized drama following a group through a zombie filled post apocalyptic America.

We're Alive

We’re Alive

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If you are a fan of the Walking Dead you should love this one some of the character traits are similar, like when the zombies come out so will the women with japanese swords? Still all and all a good listen.



The Year in Beer 2014

This is great news. Happy New Year and enjoy one or several   beers tonight in a responsible  manner.


2014 technology product of the year

This year saw a lot of great new products and stone of revamps of existing lines, with that said here are my picks for the top technology products of 2014.

Number 5
iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (r) brings the popular Phablet form to the iPhone.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (r) brings the popular Phablet form to the iPhone.

With a 5.5 inch screen the iPhone finally welcome the new year of 2011. With the Apple trademark machined aluminum  case the iPhone once again proves that Apple is not ready fade quietly . The iPhone 6 Plus brings Apple to the phablet world.


Number 4

Microsoft Serf ace Pro 3

Tablets are one of the fastest growing computing platforms. However the tablet has severe issues in the business environment, the lack of a keyboard religates the tablet to a tertiary role. However the Surface Pro there is more like a laptop than the standard tablet. Though not a work station replacement laptop the Surface Pro 3 does bring the advantages of a tablet and function of a laptop.

Surface Pro 3 as tablet and attached keyboard.

Surface Pro 3 as tablet and attached keyboard.

Business users may feel cramped Physically and resource wise as compared to standard business laptops.  However the latest refresh of the Surface Pro does come ready to work.

Number 3

Chrome OS

Low cost, cloud based storage, Linux and of course the Crome browser. With web based plications and tight integration to the Googleverse Chrome OS is the first appearance of the model that should eventually take over the computer world.  At prices often half of a normal laptop. Chromebooks are making headway in the education market and are showing some traction in business.

Number 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This is the phone the iPhone 6 Plus was shooting at. Though there are things like material and build quality were the Apple phone has a advantage, however in use and features the Samsung Galaxy Note 4  Is still the class leader in phablets.  With true multi tasking and a stylus make the Note experience and use model truly unique and functional.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the latest of the king phablets

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the latest of the king phablets

The stylist is an usable  answer the question all other touch devices refuse to address and that the finger is an awful input device. With excellent specks and a big screen the Note 4  The note is a phone on a platform and with a form factor that allows it to do more and be more than it’s competition.


Number 1

Google Chrome Cast

This year’s pick is the $35 Google Chrome Cast. Now that delivery of media has been freed from the TV set and traditional over the air and cable / satellite delivery systems. It seems as though the internet and advances in T.V. technology are running at break neck speed away from each other with more and more content going online and LCD screens getting better most found that they were consuming a lot of media on their desktop, laptop and mobile device screens and not the best screen in the house. The Chrome cast puts the content back on the best screen in the house.

GooGle Chrome Cast

Google Chrome Cast

To be a great product you do not have to do anything new just do what you do better or cheaper than everyone else, Google has given us better and cheaper in the same device. Because the Chrome Cast is controlled from a computer or mobile device there is nearly no learning curve in the operation of the Chrome Cast. If you could watch You Tube videos on your phone before with the Chrome Cast you can watch them on your 60″ LCD with just one more click or tap. retailing at $35 attaching a Chrome Cast to every TV is a viable option, as is putting one in your bag when you go the travel for work or fun.

OK agree or disagree these are for me the biggest tech products of 2014.



Hi another attempt at blogging

The real problem with blogging is that most of us don’t have an interisting enough life to hold our interisting while writing much less keep a reader interested. For the time being all content will be generated on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 seven inch. The real point of this experiment is to see how mush of my life can be done from a tablet. As I find that I need less and less software  on my computer and as I relie  more on cloud hosted applications and servives, than on applications and storage on a local drive.
It is my hope that I will be  able to use the tablet for all non work computing tadk. First gripe has to be the keyboard